Our core Beliefs and Values

Who we are…

We are former national athletes who have represented Singapore in swimming, water polo, and track & field. We have dedicated a lifetime to fitness and sport, making it our mission to provide authentic and accessible fitness to every one.

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What we do…

At GRITYARD, you can look forward to a time-efficient programme focused on athlete development to help you with your next 10km run, full marathon, triathlon or just to build your fitness and achieve your goals.

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How we do it…

We have formulated a system based on five basic pillars of human body functional output – Endurance, Speed, Power, Core and Strength. The programming will incorporate the essence of these five pillars condensed into quick, time-efficient 30- to 45-minute sessions. From the complete beginner to the elite athlete, this system also caters to different fitness levels and body types.

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Our vision…

To inspire, impact and empower everyone who walks through our doors and be the catalyst for achieving a physical and mental transformation.

We aim to empower our members through a fitness community that is equipped to take charge of their own fitness regime, leading to a higher quality of life.

“Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Ghandi

Our idea…

Everybody has an ability ratio that is split among the 5 pillars, and certain body types respond more keenly to specific pillars than others. Some people do better at endurance sport, whilst others do better in explosive sprints. At GRIT YARD, we design our programme around the five pillars so you can work on your weaknesses while building on your strengths.

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