GRITYARD Class Policy

Things to Know Before Class

Participation in Classes – Fitness Level

Here at GRITYARD, we cater to every level of fitness. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a fitness expert, our sessions are designed to give you autonomy on how hard you want to work out. Our trainers are also experienced and will provide variations to the exercises.

In general, if you’re a beginner, the focus should be more on form and  technique, while executing each exercise with a full range of motion. This will set you up a good base for you to springboard towards performing at a more efficient level as you increase the intensity of every work out. 

Towels and Shower Facilities

Unfortunately we do not provide towels, so please bring your own towels. Male and female showers are available, so bring along your toiletries, a towel and a change of clothes if you intend to take a shower after the session.

Classroom Etiquette

Arriving at the Class

Please aim to arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the class. This gives you sufficient time to sign-in, change, and familiarise yourself with the equipment selected specifically for the session. All classes start on time. Once the class has started, there will be a grace period of 5 minutes to join in the class. Thereafter, you will not be allowed to enter the class. This is to ensure that the class is not interrupted as a mark of respect to both trainers and students as well as for safety purposes.

During the Class

We aim to provide as conducive an environment as possible during the conduct of the class. We ask that you refrain from making unnecessary noise and fully immerse yourself in the experience specially created for you.

Please refrain from using your mobile devices – including but not limited to your mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc. If you like to take selfies or photos, we will be more than pleased to assist you with that at the end of the class. 

Payment of Fees

Payment of Class Fees

Payment of class fees shall be made before you participate in any class or package that you have subscribed to. Any client who have not made payment prior to any class or package shall not be allowed to participate in any of the classes. 

Payment can be made out in cash, NETS, credit card, bank transfer or cheque made payable to “The Fitness Project Pte Ltd”. 

Promotions and/or Discounts

Any promotions and/or discounts shall be exclusive to the period as stated during the promotional/discount period. To enjoy any promotional prices or discounts, all clients are required to adhere to the promotional/discount rules. There shall be no extensions or exceptions on the promotional/discount period and all classes and Class Packs shall revert back to the original pricing as stipulated by The Fitness Project or its partners.

Booking Classes

GRITYARD Class Booking Platform

All clients are required to create an account on our booking platform (https://grityard.getomnify.com/) to book their session. We will not allow clients to participate if they have not booked their session on the platform, and we do not accept drop-ins. Clients who are interested to try are encouraged to purchase the 1 Week Unlimited Trial and book the next available session.

GRITYARD Class Packages

First time clients are entitled to purchase a ONE TIME ONLY 1 Week Unlimited Trial Package. Recurring clients are not allowed to purchase the 1 Week Unlimited Trial Package if they have purchased and utilised the package for our classes before. Clients who continually purchase the 1 Week Unlimited Trial Package will have their subsequent purchases forfeited and there will not be a refund.

GRITYARD Class Booking Cut-Off Times

Our trainers require a lead time to prepare for the classes. Booking cut-off times have been implemented to ensure that our trainers  have sufficient time to adjust. Do note the following cut-off times for our classes:

  • 9pm the previous night for all morning classes
  • 3 hours prior for all other classes.

GRITYARD reserves the right to cancel any of the classes listed, up to 1 hour before its start time, should the class not meet a minimum of 4 participants.


Given the nature of our classes, signing up means you are personally reserving a training slot. It takes time and effort to set up, so please do not sign up for a class and not show up. 

Early Cancellations

Please give us 6 12 hours advance notice if you cannot attend or wish to reschedule your pre-booked afternoon or evening classes or 12 hours advance notice if you cannot attend or wish to reschedule your pre-booked morning classes so that we can release your slot to wait-listed students. 

Cancellations must be done via our booking platform if you cannot attend or wish to reschedule your pre-booked class. No class credit will be deducted if cancellations are done 6 hours in advance.

Late Cancellations 

Any cancellations or rescheduling less than 12 hours before the start of pre-booked class will be considered as a Late Cancellation. For clients who have purchased our Session Class Packs, Late Cancellations will be considered as a booked session, and class credits shall be deducted accordingly. Late Cancellations shall result in a $10 Late Cancellation Fee charged to your account.

No Show/ No Cancel

A No Show/No Cancel means reserving a class but not attending and not canceling out of the class.  A No Show/ No Cancel is different from Late Cancellation, a No Show means not attending and not cancelling. We ask that you ALWAYS cancel out of class if you cannot attend. 

For clients who have bought Session Class Packs, if you reserve a spot and do not cancel out of class, the credit that you paid for the class and 1 additional credit shall be forfeited. For clients who have bought Unlimited Class Packs, if you reserve a spot and do not cancel out of class, it will result in a $20 No Show/ No Cancel Fee. There are no grace occurrence of a No Show/ No Cancels.

Please note, this is aimed to be a preventative measure rather than a penalty. No shows and no cancels limit others from participating in classes who have been waitlisted or who would rather attend.


The Waitlist is on a first-come-first-serve basis. If someone cancels before class start time, you will be notified via email of the available slot, and you are required to log into your account to book for the class. Booking cut-off times for Waitlist clients shall be 10pm the night before morning classes and 2 hours before all other classes. We will alert clients when they’re added to class, typically via text msg and/or email.. 

The exact same cancellation rules apply to the waitlist, it’s ultimately the client’s responsibility to check if they’ve been added into class. If you are on the Waitlist and booked the class but do not show you will be charged a No Show/ No Cancel Fee. 

Transfer Policy  

Clients who have already paid for classes/Class Packs and wish to transfer any remaining classes to a third party must give us 1 week notice. It is the client’s responsibility to provide full details of the third party who will be taking over the remainder of the classes. GRITYARD and its partners reserve the exclusive right to reject the participation of any third party who has not provided satisfactory information from participating in the classes. Do note that each transfer incurs an admin fee of $50 each time.

Safety and Precautions

A one time waiver is required to be signed before you can participate in our class. Waivers are found during the sign up process on our booking platform (found by clicking on the Terms and Conditions link prior to setting up your account) Please indicate whether you any medical history or previous injuries in our platform. Additionally, our trainers will also seek to clarify before every class the condition of all participants before commencing class. 

If you are feeling unwell before, during or after our class, please inform any of our staff immediately so that we can attend to you as soon as possible.

Not clear on our Class Policies? Feel free to ask us anything

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